Wading Gear

Wade fishing can be one of the most rewarding pursuits in fly fishing. Breathability and fit of today's waders and wading gear is amazing, and the size offering allows all to find the perfect fit. We are representatives of some of the finest waders producers in the industry, and are proud to offer a broad selection of Simms and Patagonia waders. Both these companies have various models to choose from. If you are looking for a the bells and whistles in a pair of waders we have them, even with and zipper option for quick relief to cool yourself down from a long hike in to a remote fishing spot or quickly get rid of that morning coffee.

Whether you're targeting the undercut bank of a stream for that big brown, or stalking the smooth, white sand flats for bones, being properly outfitted for wading safely is of utmost importance. Secure footing is a function of the boots where the most important fit of your gear. Felt or a tacky rubber soles with or without studs, saltwater flats boots or zip booties, these are some of the many choices one is exposed to when shopping good footwear for wade fishing. If technical wading in bolder strewn, swift currents is your thing, the wading staff is an invaluable tool you'll need to help find good footing also.

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