Fly Line & Backing

There was a time, in the distant past, when the choice of fly lines was limited to just a few tapers and manufacturers. Today, there are a multitude of fly lines that have been developed for a variety of fishing conditions and locations, including specialty tapers for big game, spey casting, and lake fishing to name a few. In general, fly lines are divided into saltwater and freshwater categories; each differing in their tapers, cores, and weights. Fly lines may be tapered for finesse, distance, power or even a quick accurate cast. Depending on fishing conditions and depth of water, fly line choices include floating lines, full sinking lines, and sink tip lines. The sink rates can vary and are selected to match your fishing conditions

In recent years, the evolution of fly line coatings and textures has added another facet to fly line performance. Textured lines reduce the friction of the line against the guides which enables greater distance when shooting the line and allows the line ride higher on the water. Achieving that perfect drift in your favorite mountain stream will come much more easily as the textured lines break the surface tension effortlessly; mending the line has never been easier. Other fly line updates include the addition of welded loops to the ends of the lines, and a multitude of color choices that can vary the visibility of the line to both the angler and the fish. However, in our shop we are not limited to factory welded loops. Our staff can assist in creating custom loops and butt sections better suited for tarpon fishing or tie on classic nail knots for the traditionalist.

Often fly fisherman concentrate their attention on the fly rod or reel or that perfect fly pattern with little consideration of the fly line. But it really pays to take your time and carefully choose your fly line based on the conditions and the type of fish you plan to chase. To make things easier, below we've chosen our favorite selection of fly lines that we consider the best the market has to offer.

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