Fly Fishing Tools and Accessories

Fly Fishing is more than a fly rod and a box of flies. You need the proper fly fishing tools, such as hemostat's, nippers and pliers. But from there, it can become a bit overwhelming. It seems like there are as many manufacturers of tools as there are tools available! We at Sportsman's Finest have selected the highest quality tools made by the best tool companies. When you reach for an Abel hemostat to remove a hook or an Abel nipper to clip off your fly, you can rest assured that they are not rusted and will bring years of use.
A fly angler can never have enough fly-fishing tools.

Following are a few essential tools and their use:

- Clippers or nippers, for cutting tippet, the tail ends of knots, etc.
- Zinger, for holding your nippers or hemostat.
- Hemostat (a clamp or forceps used by anglers) for removing flies from the mouth of the fish, and for pinching down the barb on the hook.
- Protect your favorite species (or you) with the patented lip grabber by BogaGrip.

But tools aren't designed solely for function over form these days. While Abel's No. 4 pliers have a convenient bottle opener built into the handle, the company also offers literally dozens of other aesthetic options, such as custom, hand painted colors and fish graphics designed by marine artists like Derek DeYoung. Is the artistic coloring necessary? No. But it has proved to be very popular with anglers. People like the idea that they're hand-painted.
The key to enjoyable fishing is being prepared, and at Sportsman's Finest we take pride in providing you the right tool selection for that next adventure.

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