Fly Fishing Rods

Today's rod market has an amazing offering of choices to fulfill the varying casting strokes, flex preferences, and casting techniques and styles. We have quite the rack of rods here at the shop, manufacturers include; Sage, Scott, G.Loomis, R.L. Winston, Hardy, and Temple Fork Outfitters. There are so many variables to consider when making your fly rod purchase.In general, the best fly fishing rods are purchased based on the specific species of fish that one might want to pursue. When hiking along a small brush covered mountain stream, casting to the small brook trout or rainbow, a short 2-weight or 3-weight rod would be the perfect piece of equipment. Near the opposite end of that spectrum, find yourself in a flats boat casting to a giant tarpon, you definitely want to have a nine foot, 11 or 12-weight rod to battle such the silver king.

The action or flex of the rod is another consideration in the decision once you determine the water you'll be fishing. This decision is going to be partially based on your casting stroke and feel. Rod action vary from a fast action tip-flex, to a mid-flex action, down to a slower action that a fiberglass or bamboo rod might have. Other considerations can include, manufacturer, rod color, grip style, manufacturer's warranty, and then of course the price range.

Owning a variety of fly rods allows you to fish virtually anywhere. Having an 8-weight rod in your collection allows you to fish the saltwater flats or even on a river or lake throwing big bass bugs to largemouth. A 5-weight is an all-around good size rod for bluegills at the stock pond, or trout in a Colorado or Argentinian river. Wherever you choose to fish, we at Sportsman's Finest will be ready to outfit you with the best!

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