Fly Fishing Boxes

You've looked forward to this trip all year. The conditions couldn't be better. You stand in the cool stream reading the water and notice just the right opportunity to land that elusive brown trout. But where the heck did you put that Royal Wulff? Fly Fishing Boxes allow you to organize your flies and help you make the most of your fishing time. Check out our great selection. They may not be the most important piece of equipment in your arsenal, but having a clear system of storing your flies can make all the difference.

There are quite a few different options to choose when picking out the right fly box. There are different sizes of fly boxes: smaller boxes to fit in a vest or a chest pack or larger boxes which are better for using with larger packs. Some boxes also are water tight.
Organization boils down to having a place for all your equipment and being able to locate it in quick fashion. One strategy we like to use is to have different fly boxes specific to the water you're going to fish or the type of fish you're targeting. Also, having a box for dry flies or poppers and another box for streamers.

Let's face it, flies can get expensive and it pays to protect your investment. Fly Boxes help to keep your flies in tip-top condition. Simply storing your flies loose in a plastic container or on patches can damage your flies and cause them to not perform as designed.
With boxes from brands like Simms, Umpqua, Tacky and of course Cliff Fly Boxes you can rest assured these are quality products. You can also feel secure that your online purchase is backed by Sportsman's Finest 14 day return policy. Wherever you choose to fish, we at Sportsman's Finest will be ready to outfit you with the best equipment!

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