Fly Casting Lessons

Sportsman's Finest offers fly casting lessons for beginners and all other experience levels. Whether you are just starting in the sport of fly fishing, wanting to learn a new technique, or need diagnostic help with a casting problem, a Sportsman's Finest instructor can provide the guidance and diagnosis you need to be a successful fly caster.

For all instruction: equipment is provided if necessary. Lessons are conducted outside at the Sportsman's Finest casting pond. Students should dress appropriately for the weather and bring something to drink. Lessons will be held as weather permits.

Instruction is by appointment only. Please call well in advance of when you might want to make an appointment. Instruction time can be scheduled as early as 7:00 am and start as late as 2 hours before dark (depending on the season and the amount of daylight available).


  • Private, 2 hours       =   $100
  • 2 persons, 2 hours  =   $170 (both students must be at the same experience level)
  • 3 + persons              =   Call for cost and time frame (All students must be at the same experience level)




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