How to sell a firearm “To a Gun Store”

Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  April 7, 2016

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How to sell a firearm “To a Gun Store” by PJ Martinez

Just about every day I will take a call like this: “I have a gun I would like to sell?” Well with the advent of the internet, folks can hop online and get the info and pricing that they need. There is one thing, the firearms market expands and contracts just like any other capitalistic market. My intent is to provide information for individuals to capture the most value for their used firearms.

  • Always safety first! Before handling any firearm, verify that it is unloaded, and clear of all munitions. More than once I have cleared chambers and found a round ready to chamber.
  • Your firearm is worth what the market will bear.
  • All dealers are going to pay wholesale to sell retail.
  • Antiques and collectables can bring premium prices, but they must be correct.
  • What does correct mean? Correct translates into how close is the firearm’s condition to when it was manufactured.
  • All collectable firearms that have boxes will bring you additional revenue; having the correct accessories as issued will bring further coin.
  • Does a collectable firearm need to be polished as new? Best advice I can give is leave it as you find it. I have seen a few that had good money stripped away when patina was removed from the frame.
  • Have a price in mind. When an evaluation takes place we are thinking about what the item will sell for, that is where the offer price is generated. We pay fair prices, why? Because fair pricing translates to return customers.
  • Don’t be afraid to test. Most collectors know what they have, shop around get the best price.
  • When the collection is over say 20 firearms, it is helpful to send an inventory list to us in advance to allow us time to do some homework.
  • Always ask questions, we don’t bite much.

In closing I invite anyone who wants to sell to come and visit with us; we will always welcome you to discuss your firearms.

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    Anyone who is legally allowed to own firearms, ammunition, knives, and gun accessories is allowed to buy or sell it here. It is your responsibility to be in compliance with all Federal, state, and local laws when using this site.

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