7 Hunting Facts That Will Make You Proud(er) To Be An American

Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  August 6, 2015

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hunting equipmentWith our apologies to baseball fanatics, hunting might just be the original American pastime. And if you’re looking for an All-American sport to enjoy with your family (or to get away from them for a weekend), then you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ fashioned American hunting trip.

So why exactly is hunting so entwined with American culture?

7. Hunters Help Protect Our Environment
According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, American hunters have helped contribute about $5.6 billion to wildlife conservation since 1939. Not only that, but contributions in the form of taxes on firearms and hunting equipment, licenses, and auctions, are growing year after year. In 2009, a record $336 million was raised by American hunters and anglers for conservation funds.

While that might seem contradictory to the uninitiated, sportsmen and women know that without a healthy environment, future generations won’t be able to enjoy the sport we love so much. Hunters and anglers are proud to do their part to keep the great outdoors in its best shape.

6. Hunting Is In Our Blood
U.S. history is inseparable from our history as hunters. From the fur and trapping trade to the pioneers who first stepped onto Plymouth Beach, hunting has been part of American history since day one.

5. Providing Jobs In All 50 States
From sports outfitters to your local bait and tackle shop, hunters and anglers help support more U.S. jobs than giant companies like Wal-Mart. That’s because more than 38 million Americans hunt and fish. And since the average hunter will spend $1,638 on hunting equipment, ammunition, and permits every year, tens of thousands of Americans can support their families because of this popular pastime. Fly fishing alone is a $750 million market in the States.

4. The Second Amendment
The U.S. Constitution is considered by some the most important document in the history of mankind. Not only did it lay the foundation upon which our great country was built, but it’s also served as the basis for other similar democratic constitutions the world over. And the founding fathers enshrined the right for U.S. citizens to bear arms as the Second Amendment in our Bill of Rights.

Hunters have helped protect this right for centuries, and will continue to do so for centuries to come.

3. Forget Farm To Table, Try Forest To Table
Venison jerky doesn’t just taste great; hunting helps keep the environment in balance. Deer often overpopulate in the absence of traditional predators like wolves. And for hunters looking to provide fresh meat, hunting and fishing provides the freshest source of meat possible.

2. American Values
The best hunters and anglers know a thing, or twenty, about qualities like discipline, perseverance, patience, and respect. Without these values, we would never be able to land that legendary trout or buck. Learning how to properly take care of hunting equipment, humanely catch fish and game, and pass on these values and skills to the next generation is an integral part of the sports of hunting and fishing.

1. Family Bonding
Millions of Americans have fond memories of the first time their dad took them fishing or hunting, of going to the store to pick out rods for beginners, or packing hunting equipment for that first buck-hunting trip. Because of fond memories like that, U.S. hunters spend a combined 228 million days hunting every year.

Best of all, hunting and fishing are enjoyed by Americans from all walks of life, young and old, male and female, rich and poor, from sea to shining sea.

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