Jun 28
Long Range Precision Shooting: Cartridge Selection
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  June 28, 2017

When starting out in long range precision shooting, cartridge selection is an important consideration. The intent of this article is not to comprehensively list all the possible cartridges suitable for long range precision shooting but more so to mention a few things you should think about before choosing one. It can be tempting to select a cartridge with a very high velocity and a high ballistic coefficient, for instance .300 Winchester Magnum or .338 Lapua Magnum. Both of these are highly effective long range calibers, but the recoil can be substantial with these cartridges causing a beginner to tire more…Read More

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May 11
Finding the Right Spot on a Dove Lease
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  May 11, 2017

Finding a dove lease is pretty easy these days, just google and normally a few dozen will probably popup in your area.  The problem most run into is being in the right spot when you get out there.  There are a few keys things to look for when entering the field that can make the difference between getting your limit and every bird being just out of range.   1)    SCOUT, SCOUT, SCOUT!!!!  Most of the time if you ask the land owner they will let you come out the day before the hunt without a gun and just watch. …Read More

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Mar 29
Wild Game Marinade Recipe for Picky Eaters
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  March 29, 2017

This is a recipe that I’ve been using for years on all types of wild game.  If you have picky eaters in your family that don’t like wild game this marinade is guaranteed to zap any gamey taste out of it.  I’ve also found it also helps to tenderize the meat a little.  The longer you let the meat set in the marinade the better job it will do.  Normally 5-6 hours will do but I’ve let it set as long as 48 hours.    The directions are easy: Throw everything in a pot and bring to a boil, then turn…Read More

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Sep 06
Permit Fishing on the Fly in Belize by Casey Kennedy
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  September 6, 2016

  The pleasure and pain of permit fishing had been on my mind for almost a year since my last trip. A successful trip to Mexico left me with my second permit to hand.  I had to get back to those tropical waters.  The excitement for me began the moment I locked in my next travel dates.  I couldn’t wait to get back to Belize!  Haywood Curry was to be my host and guide on a small island lodge called Sea Dreams Hotel on Caye Caulker.  Permit was to be the target.  With a couple months to go before my actual…Read More

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Aug 01
Dove Hunting Equipment Checklist
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  August 1, 2016

Dove season is approaching quickly (September 1st) and it’s about time to start gathering the necessary equipment and identifying the things you’ll need to purchase.  Below, we’ve put together a list of the items you’ll need for a successful and enjoyable day of dove hunting. If you’re looking for a great place to practice your skills in Austin, we recommend the following ranges: Capital City Trap and Skeet in northeast Austin, 512-272-4707 Copperhead Creek Shooting Club in Marble Falls, 830-265-4950 Checklist: *Texas Hunter’s Safety Certification if born after September 2, 1971 Sportsman’s Finest will be holding a Texas Hunter’s Education…Read More

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Jun 10
Testing New Firearms at Copperhead Creek Shooting Club
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  June 10, 2016

What do you get when you combine two of the world’s finest gun manufacturers, unlimited ammunition, and some damn fine shooters?  The answer, of course, is one hell of a good time! Heckler and Koch, Caesar Guerini shotguns, LWRC rifles, and Fiocchi ammo sponsored a day at Copperhead Creek shooting range.  Nick Kohleffel, the representative for the companies brought out his finest wares for customers to shoot. Pistols, rifles, and shotguns were all put through their paces in the capable hands of Sportsman’s Finest Staff and valued customers alike.  After shooting well over 3000 rounds of ammunition, we all came…Read More

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Apr 29
41-F, the ATF’s new ruling regarding NFA weapons
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  April 29, 2016

  Written by S. Carter Do you currently own a suppressor, machine gun, short barrel rifle or shotgun, just to name a few NFA “national firearms act” weapons?  Are you interested in purchasing one or perhaps want to add more to your collection?  There are some big changes ahead for being able to purchase these weapons that you should know about. Remember back in January the ATF came out with a new ruling?  That ruling has passed and is set to take effect July 13, 2016.  It is called Ruling 41-F.  It essentially changes the application process for trusts, corporation,…Read More

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Apr 28
3 Popular Trout Fishing Locations in the U.S.
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  April 28, 2016

It may be the end of winter, but summer is still a month away, and beating the weather blues can take a bit of effort. Ask yourself: when was the last time you treated yourself to an excursion focusing solely on fly fishing? Why not go on a fly fishing adventure? This is the perfect time of year, in fact, for trout fishing. Choosing a fly fishing vacation spot isn’t as easy as going to the closest river. Instead, you’ll want to concentrate on choosing locations that will truly deliver you a great fishing experience. Over 38 million Americans fish…Read More

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Apr 07
How to sell a firearm “To a Gun Store”
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  April 7, 2016

How to sell a firearm “To a Gun Store” by PJ Martinez Just about every day I will take a call like this: “I have a gun I would like to sell?” Well with the advent of the internet, folks can hop online and get the info and pricing that they need. There is one thing, the firearms market expands and contracts just like any other capitalistic market. My intent is to provide information for individuals to capture the most value for their used firearms. Always safety first! Before handling any firearm, verify that it is unloaded, and clear of…Read More

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Mar 22
Turkey Season
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  March 22, 2016

Turkey Season By PJ Martinez With the mild winter in the Central Texas area and the flora already starting to bloom, I am thinking that we will have a solid spring turkey season. The question is are you ready? Is the Thermacell serviced and ready to go? Gear check: shotgun, turkey loads, comfortable seating arrangements, a good turkey vest, calls: box, slate, diaphragm? It’s a plus to have a nice hen decoy to help cajole in the Mr. Boss Tom! These are a few of the items that will make your hunt into a memorable one. Why? Because to be…Read More

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Mar 02
“Show up prepared!!!”
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  March 2, 2016

“Show up prepared!!!”  So you booked your trip and purchased some gear, but are you truly ready? Believe it or not just because you have booked a trip with a top-notch guide or outfitter does not always guarantee you will have the best trip possible, especially if you have not prepared on your end.  Be honest with yourself and truly assess your skill level prior to the particular type of fishing you will be engaging in, especially your casting abilities.  Many accomplished freshwater fly fishermen have been humbled by a saltwater flats fishing environment, for example.  That’s not to say there…Read More

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Jan 06
A Beginners Fly Fishing Glossary: 17 Essential Fly Fishing Terms To Know…
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  January 6, 2016

A Beginners Fly Fishing Glossary: 17 Essential Fly Fishing Terms To Know… Congratulations, that gift under the Christmas tree is your first fly fishing rod and reel, the equipment you’ll need for a sport you’ve become interested in learning. It’s not a particularly exclusive club; we promise you’re in good company. While 38 million Americans enjoy hunting and fishing every year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife department reports that there are 3.83 million fly anglers. It’s also a pretty diverse crowd, with women making up 35% of fly anglers. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with fly fishing tips when you’re…Read More

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Dec 19
Three Great Benefits all Fly Fishers Enjoy
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  December 19, 2015

Fly fishing is a great sport that anyone can partake in. Regardless of age, experience or fitness level, fly fishing is for those who want to relax, explore the great outdoors, and have fun while doing it. Are you new to the world of fly fishing? Join the 3.83 million fly anglers in America who are enjoying the many benefits of the sport. Here are three reasons why fly fishing is both fun and beneficial.  1.  Fly fishing can help you de-stress and relax. Those who fly fish say that being out in the water is a great way to…Read More

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Nov 25
Holiday Gift Guide: Our 5 Most Popular Fly Fishing Gear and Hunting Equipment!
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  November 25, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Our 5 Most Popular Fly Fishing Gear and Hunting Equipment! Hunting and fishing are the original all-American sports. Anyone that has a love of the game, patience, and a willingness to learn, can enjoy these pastimes. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department, 38 million of us go hunting and fishing every year. You don’t need a million dollars to get started, but you do need the right gear to enjoy these sports safely. That’s why fly fishing is a $750 million dollar market in the U.S.  To get geared up for the season, the average hunter spent…Read More

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Nov 13
Fly Fishing Tips: Always Practice Safe Wading!
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  November 13, 2015

Fly Fishing Tips: Always Practice Safe Wading! Even the best fly anglers never stop learning new things about the sport, and it’s easy to get in over your head, literally. So unlike the fish you’re hoping to catch, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Learn how to practice safe wading before you take that first step into the water.  Fly Fishing Safety Tips: Safe Wading Requires the Right Wading Gear Fly fishing requires an investment. In the United States, the sport is a $750 million market, and for good reason. Without the right fly fishing gear, it’s difficult…Read More

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Oct 15
Fly Fishing 101: Here’s 5 Ways To Learn How To Tie Flies
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  October 15, 2015

Fly fishing can often be a solitary endeavor. In fact, that’s part of the appeal for many of us. Even if you enjoy being the only one out on the river, all together there are about 3.83 million active fly anglers in the States, at least according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife data. Many anglers use fly boxes loaded with pre-made flies, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s something rewarding about catching fish on a fly you tied yourself. So if you are interested in learning how to tie your own flies, then here are some of the…Read More

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Sep 25
The Most Important Winter Fly Fishing Tips
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  September 25, 2015

If you’re a dedicated fly angler, then winter offers an incredible challenge. In most waters, fish are less active during the winter months. To be fair, most fly anglers are less active during the winter months, as well. But if you want to have the entire river to yourself, then winter fly fishing can be a deeply satisfying experience. Of course, it can also be more difficult! According to Field and Stream, “The trick to catching fish with flies in the winter boils down to four simple rules: Slow Down; Size Down; Tone Down; Present Down(stream).” If you want to step…Read More

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Sep 02
Veterans, Cancer Survivors Discover the Joys of Fly Fishing
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  September 2, 2015

On the first and third Tuesday of every month, Army veteran Walter Shockley heads to the Ralph H. Johnson VA hospital in Charleston, SC with his fly fishing gear in tow. There, he meets with disabled servicemen and veterans who want to learn how to tie fly fishing knots and build fly rods. Whenever possible, they go out into the field for fly fishing trips. But as with many of the 3.83 million Americans who already know the joys of fly angling, the fishing isn’t really the point. The group is one of 188 local chapters of Project Healing Waters,…Read More

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Aug 26
Report: Hispanic Americans Show Strong Interest in Firearms, Hunting Equipment
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  August 26, 2015

A new report from the National Shooting Sports Foundation highlights a huge potential opportunity for the hunting world. The foundation’s new research report, “A Hispanic Market Study: Firearms and the Shooting Sports,” reveals a high level of interest among Hispanic Americans in both shooting sports and all forms of outdoor recreation. The findings could have huge political and economic impact in the coming decades, especially now that the U.S. Latino population has grown to 57 million, with a buying power close to $1 trillion. And according to the report, 18% of Hispanics surveyed own a firearm, while 25% more said…Read More

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Aug 06
7 Hunting Facts That Will Make You Proud(er) To Be An American
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  August 6, 2015

With our apologies to baseball fanatics, hunting might just be the original American pastime. And if you’re looking for an All-American sport to enjoy with your family (or to get away from them for a weekend), then you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ fashioned American hunting trip. So why exactly is hunting so entwined with American culture? 7. Hunters Help Protect Our Environment According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, American hunters have helped contribute about $5.6 billion to wildlife conservation since 1939. Not only that, but contributions in the form of taxes on firearms and hunting…Read More

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Jul 30
What Does Your Fly Fishing Hat Say About You?
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  July 30, 2015

Ok, so fly fishing hats aren’t really the most important piece of fly fishing equipment you’ll bring on your next trip. You’ll never land a fish with it, after all (but if you do, try and get that on video). Still, the best fly fishing hats really are a crucial part of fly fishing gear. In the public imagination, people might imagine fly fisherman wearing wide brimmed or spoon-bill fly fishing hats. And many of us do, although if you’re an experienced angler, then you know we’re much more likely to head out to the river wearing our favorite baseball…Read More

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Jul 27
Say When: How Many Fly Fishing Rods Do You Need? A Definitive Guide
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  July 27, 2015

If you ask ten fly fishing enthusiasts how many fly fishing rods and fly reels you need, then expect to get 10 different answers. And of course, asking how many fly fishing rods they have and how many rods they need are two very different questions. Sure, you might have 10 of the best fly fishing rods in your garage, but you really need that new 6-weight salt fly rod. And if you get that rod, then you’ll also want to get one of those shiny new fly reels you’ve had your eye on. No wonder fly fishing is a…Read More

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Jul 21
Fly Fishing Tips: Three Essential Fly Fishing Knots For Beginners
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  July 21, 2015

Ordinary fishermen don’t know how good they’ve got it. For anglers looking to enter the exciting world of fly fishing for the first time, there can be an intimidating amount of information to learn, techniques to master, and fly fishing gear to purchase. For instance, did you know that midges make up as much as 50% of a fish’s diet in the winter? Unlike other forms of fishing, you can’t just tie a knot from the comfort of a boat dock or by the lakeside. Fly fishermen (and fisherwomen, who account for 35% of fly anglers) must learn how to…Read More

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Mar 31
The Personal Defense Divide
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  March 31, 2015
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Mar 31
Where Do You Fly-Fish in Texas?
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  March 31, 2015

“Where there is water, there is something to catch on a fly.”

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Mar 25
Selecting a Fly Rod for Big Bass Fishing
Posted by Sportsman's Finest  |  March 25, 2015
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